Silicon Dream Greatest Hits (mp3) Формат: MP3_CD (Jewel Case) Дистрибьюторы: Trigger Records, Торговая Фирма "Никитин" Россия Битрейт: 320 Кбит/с Частота: 44 1 КГц Тип звука: Stereo инфо 6745y.

Содержание: 01 Time Machine 02 Jimmy Dean Loyed Marilyn - Film Ab 03 Corleone Speaking 04 Holiday In St Tropez - Eating Pizza In Ibiza 05 Marcello The Mastroianni 06 Space Intro 07 Andromeda 08 Albertбяцщш Einstein - Everything Is Relative 09 Primaballerina 10 Don't Break My Heart 11 Marcello The Mastroianni (Monster Mix) 12 Albert Einstein - Everything Is Relative (Russian Mix) 13 Jimmy Dean Loved Marilyn - Film Ab (Hollywood Mix) 14 Ludwig Fun 15 Wunderbar 16 влючмI'm Your Doctor (Ganz In Weiss) 17 Andromeda (Space Shuttle Mix) 18 Albert Einstein (Mars Mix) 19 Ludwig Fun (Classic Acid Mix) 20 Marcello The Mastroianni (Metropolitan Mix) 21 Wunderbar (Steak House Mix) 22 I'm Your Doctor (Ganz In Weiss) 23 Marcello The Mastroianni (La Strada Club Mix) Special Bonus Album Axel Breitung Production (Silent Circle) JOY PETERS Greatest Hits 24 Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight 25 One Night In Love 26 Don't Ask Me Why 27 Who Took My Girl 28 Signвсцнщ Of Love 29 I'm Back To Stay 30 It Will Be Heaven 31 Bad Girl 32 Don't Say, That We Have To Part 33 You're So Vain 34 When Angels Talk 35 Robot Rule 36 I Wish You Were Here 37 The Sweetest Dreams 38 Starchild 39 If You Leave Me Now 40 One Night In Love (Maxi Version) 41 Don't Lose Your Heart Tonight (Maxi Version) Исполнитель "Silicon Dream".

Цена: 232 р.